• Robert Lindsy Milne

Robert Lindsy Milne

Recognized across the continent as one of the most
insightful Psychic Intuitive Counselors of his time.
He has traveled the world giving insight with his
Psychic Intuitive Sessions to tens of thousands of people.

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A Reading With Robert Lindsy Milne

60 years experience. More than 100,000 psychic connections for people around the world.

Robert Lindsy Milne

Sharing an Intuitive-Psychic reading with me is a unique, personal and intimate experience lasting around an hour or so. I am flexible and generous with my time and never hurry.

Our session is mostly a monologue rather than a dialog.

I seldom ask questions, if I do they usually require a yes or no answer.

Throughout our session I’ll speak of the past, the present and of your future life. I commonly see a person’s life from conception to completion although my main focus is around your immediate life and how it is going and will be going.

Once I finish my monologue we’ll have a question period. You may ask any questions you may have or ask for clarity on specific issues.

At this time readings done on Zoom Video or Skype Video

You’ll receive a recorded copy of our session.

Robert Lindsy Milne
Robert Lindsy Milne


After 20 years, Robert Lindsy Milne will be teaching his Psychic Seminar. Stay tuned for more news.

What Robert Lindsy Milne’s clients have to say…

Robert Gave me a couple of readings that were right on the money and different from other readings I’d had around the same time. I was surprised with a lot he said, as unexpected changes were to come but he was right. Right about money, health issues, love, housing and he relayed what he saw in a very professional and kind way. I would recommend him for sure.

I first heard Robert on a radio show in 1992 and he has been doing readings for me since then!  He has incredible insight and wisdom, a special gift that he shares.  He is genuine and true.

Every now and then, a person with no agenda, no ulterior motive, and no self-interest will take pleasure in helping you succeed, grow ,and live your purpose. This person will operate in love, will seek no praise, and will want nothing in return. This person is a gift.

I have been seeing Robert for over 20 years now. Within those years, he predicted I would have twins. Travel the world. Lose 100+ lbs and become successful and earn a comfortable living and marry my soul mate and many, many, many more predictions that happened. To date, there hasn’t been a single major moment that hasn’t come to fruition that Robert touched on. Not generalized, not vaguely described but directly said. Every time I see him, I hang on every word he speaks. He is just that good!

I first encountered Robert about 30 years ago while listening to a local Vancouver radio show, where here was talking to people who called in. His responses to people were so remarkable I decided to contact him. Since then Robert has helped guide me through many personal and business issues. When I have my heart attack he was a calming much needed influence. We have become good friends. There are many benefits for anyone to correspond with Robert. I fully recommend his services.

In my 30 year association with Robert, I have come to greatly value not only his visionary insights, but also his practical and intuitive advice. His wealth of experience allows him to give relevant examples of how best to approach many of life’s overwhelming situations. From identifying my soul mate to business guidance, I have found his advice and opinions to be invaluable. I frequently refer back to our recorded conversations as a way of staying focused and on track. Thank you my friend.

Robert’s life coaching has been transformational for me. He helped me to make decisions based on where I wanted to be rather than where I was in the moment which allowed me to make the changes I wanted. He introduced me to effective tools to help me put challenges I encountered into context and quickly move through them towards my goals. By working with Robert I feel I achieved my goals faster.

Back in 1981, I attended a reading with Robert Lindsay Milne. A very nervous 21 year old that was very curious. I had no idea what to expect but Robert made me feel very comfortable. His approach was fun, professional as well as intriguing.
Later on in life, Robert gave me another reading. He was bang on about my divorce and my future. I trust Robert and his gift. I very highly recommend him and his services. Looking forward to another reading again very soon.

I have known Robert for 25 years and he is my friend, teacher and psychic. Robert’s readings are insightful and done with kindness and sensitivity. In my moments of despair, Robert has always known how to guide me to a better place. He has done it with humour and sometimes he has had to be really tough and honest because I needed to hear things about myself and my life that I didn’t want to face. His honesty forced me to change my life and do what needed to be done.

Robert has a rare ability to put his finger on the issues that are of most important to oneself.

Robert has turned heads in my audience many times over, private reading or on-the-air Robert will shock you!

I have worked with Robert Lindsy Milne for several years, he has been a guest on the Midnight Society show and a client with LITM Media. He is a joy to work with. He is very insightful and has a warm and engaging personality. I have learned a lot from him!

Over the past 30 years I have had several readings with Robert. That is enough time to find out if even the most long-term prediction has come true, and they have!  I have always found Robert to be an accurate and gifted professional.
In addition, when I was making life-altering decisions around my divorce, I turned to him for guidance and he provided wise counsel when I needed it.

Robert not only read me, he cared about how I received the information and masterfully presented it so that I would be able to get out of my own way. He didn’t waste time on my mental distractions and he steadily built a clear, purposeful overview of my situation so that I could see the obvious. This helped me immensely as well as silenced me with appreciation and respect. I see him every year or so now and I know that he cares and that I can trust him.

Thank you Robert! You are quite amazing! Your reading calmed my anxiety regarding my prosperity as well as my future relationships. I will be in touch. I look forward to the best years of my life. This is my intention…to make the rest of my life, the best of my life. I know it is up to me and I know I can manifest this.

Robert Lindsy Milne’s psychic abilities are remarkable. His psychic understanding make his readings an in-depth view into an individual’s development, potential and future. He described for me some of his early days in the psychic world of Toronto and Robert was and is a star. He is both kind and unique. On another note, his loving rapport with his dogs is wonderful to see. Wishing you much success, Robert, with your new website.

Robert is an extraordinary psychic and compassionate life coach. I have such deep appreciation for Robert and his amazing gifts. His psychic reading and life coaching sessions were exactly what I needed to begin seeing myself in the future living my life with contentment and ease. I will be forever grateful to him for seeing in me what I could not yet see, for his insight, support and vision over the many years I have worked with him. He is truly an amazing healer!

Since 1999 I have visited Robert for readings whenever there were dark periods in my life. His insight and kindness have helped me cope in various situations. I shall continue to see. Robert whenever I need to seek guidance.

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