Since I have been appearing on Podcasts, Radio shows , I have been asked about Fakes, Frauds and Charlatans

From the days I worked at “The Cosy Tea Room” to now, most people I have met who do this work, believe they are providing a service to people kind. Most believe they are genuinely using their skills to help others.

I have met some self proclaimed readers, psychics et al with poorly developed skills, little experience or just lousy readers.

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There's always Another Point of View!

We have all been in a situation where we feel stuck and just don’t know what to do.

There is a simple way to free your mind and to get yourself thinking again

Stand back and look at the matter at hand from the opposite side or point of view.

When we have 1 point of view there is always an opposite point of view.

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What's a Psychic Got That I Ain't Got?

Well actually nothing!

Almost all of us have psychic or intuitive senses. There are many different ways and opinions to describe these natural, normal everyday senses.

Psychic, intuitive, clairvoyant, telepathic are just a few ways to describe what we all sense, feel and communicate in our daily lives. It’s a matter of understanding what being intuitive or psychic is and what it is not.

What was once described as ESP, when in fact at the core of our being, it’s our basic instinct for survival.

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How to Develop and Maintain Trust

One of the most important element in healthy relationships is the developing and maintaining trust with our loved ones, friends and colleagues.

But when asked what is trust and how do you get it; many people with have difficulty explaining it.

Trust is the hardest thing to build in any relationship and the easiest to break down, yet it is a key element of a good and healthy relationship. Regardless of the connection, Without Trust we cannot have a healthy relationship.

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