Fakes, Frauds and Charletons

Since I have been appearing on Podcasts, Radio shows , I have been asked about Fakes, Frauds and Charlatans

From the days I worked at “The Cosy Tea Room” to now, most people I have met who do this work, believe they are providing a service to people kind. Most believe they are genuinely using their skills to help others.

I have met some self proclaimed readers, psychics et al with poorly developed skills, little experience or just lousy readers.

Which can be misconstrued as charlatanism, fraudulence or fakery.

How much does a reading cost? $25, $50, $100, $200, $300? If they only do readings, even if they are lousy readings, regardless of poor skills, having an off day or whatever, that’s not fraudulent, fakery or charlatanism!

The Fakery, Fraudulence and Charlatanism occurs then they proclaim be able to solve all problems, to remove curses, profess to be great spiritual masters or religious healers, only to steal as much money from you as they can.

For a mere $1,500 (more or less) they will solve any and all your problems. Sadly, the $1,500 can just be the beginning.

They are common thieves who thrive taking advantage of vulnerable people.

They are not psychics, readers, astrologers, numerologists scryers, empaths, or channellers!