What Robert’s Clients have to say….

Robert asked only my name and birth month, then proceeded to tell me things that were extremely accurate about my past as well as where I was in the moment – physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially! What was most exciting, though, was his “forecast” for my future! This is why I asked Robert for this reading. I have had excellent psychic readings before, but never from someone whose approach is like Robert’s. His readings go into the future, revealing information that helped me to feel safe. After Robert’s reading, I felt grounded and at ease. Everything he said resonated with me on a deep level. He is an extraordinary gentleman!

I have been seeing Robert regularly for several years. He is insightful and intuitive with a remarkable ability to delve into the underlying issues. His no nonsense approach and clear advice make every visit meaningful and actionable. Each time I see Robert I feel I have grown in some way, and often not the way I expected. His counsel has been invaluable to me both personally and professionally, he is a skilled professional who I describe to friends as an “intuitive therapist”. Robert’s wisdom is practical and grounded in deep experience. He goes to lengths to protect the privacy of his clients and is always delicate about sensitive issues. I highly recommend Robert to anyone looking to expand their awareness. After all, he says being psychic is “simply becoming aware of what is obvious”.

Since 1999 I have visited Robert for readings whenever there were dark periods in my life. His insight and kindness have helped me cope in various situations. I shall continue to see. Robert whenever I need to seek guidance.

I have known Robert for 25 years and he is my friend, teacher and psychic. Robert’s readings are insightful and done with kindness and sensitivity. In my moments of despair, Robert has always known how to guide me to a better place. He has done it with humour and sometimes he has had to be really tough and honest because I needed to hear things about myself and my life that I didn’t want to face. His honesty forced me to change my life and do what needed to be done.

I met Robert in the 70s when I was just a little girl. At the time, he was on a Canadian radio station tour. Although it was over 50 years ago, I can still recall his ability and accuracy. My family was even treated to a visit with him and we were all thrilled to meet him! As time went on, Robert didn’t come back to my town and it wasn’t until last year I made contact with him again. Imagine my surprise that he could recall the details of that day… from 1979!

Robert has been working with me for the past few months, helping me combat some of the issues I’ve been having with blocks I started to experience while training in Controlled Remote Viewing, as well as the symptom of PTSD from past trauma. I can’t believe how much his guidance has helped me in both areas. I’m starting to feel like my self again.

One of the greatest attributes he possesses in the ability to see situations as they are and get down to the business of working through these events. He also has the ability to teach properly; that is in a way I can understand. I often struggle with interpretations if someone isn’t a clear communicator. But Robert explains things so clearly that I don’t require further clarification. I look so forward to our meet ups on Zoom. I always learn so much from him. I’m so glad he is available to help via this mode whereas I don’t live anywhere close to Toronto!

Robert has a rare ability to put his finger on the issues that are of most important to oneself.

Mr. Robert Lindsy Milne is one of a kind and has a great gift! His insight and interpretation  on my life is spot on! I met him in 2007 and have seen him for a reading every time he would visit our City. His innate ability to see and clarify what my future would hold gave me comfort and confidence to make the right decisions. He is kind and gentle but can also be a straight shooter when he needs to to get his point across. I am so grateful to have Robert in my life.  He helped me gain clarity so many times and I feel comfort in knowing he’ll always be here when I need him. Thank you Robert from the bottom of my heart!

I have worked with Robert Lindsy Milne for several years, he has been a guest on the Midnight Society show and a client with LITM Media. He is a joy to work with. He is very insightful and has a warm and engaging personality. I have learned a lot from him!

I have known Robert for over a decade and working with him has been a pleasure. He has been very accurate in terms of his readings for my family and I. His accuracy, empathy and compassion had been invaluable over the years, leaving me
with a sense of ease and comfort. That’s not to say everything he relays is positive, but it is done in a compassionate way. I would recommend him for intuitive counselling and readings.

I highly recommend working with Robert. His psychic skills make communication easy and smooth, he can save you a lot of time and effort in explaining where you are at and why you need. I spoke to robert at a time when I was considering moving back to my home country. The decisions seemed overwhelming and a result, I keep postponing it. Robert listened to me with compassion and good humour. He encouraged me to move back and gave me practical yet profound advice and a metaphor for the benefits of moving back that are still with me more than 10 years later. The key word was courage and it still applies now, during the settling back in process. Thank you Robert.

Robert has been my life coach for about 3 years now and its one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Robert is a wonderful guide, he is incredibly intuitive , wise and very compassionate, however, he’s not afraid to make you accountable, which can be very uncomfortable at times , but that is , after all , where the change happens.

If you are looking for someone to tell you what you want to hear, Robert is Not for you! If you want to create a positive shift in your life, get rid of your old belief system and the old stories that you keep telling yourself, Robert is a wonderful and supportive guide , who can help you move forward…however, you have to want it and you have to be ready to do the work ….and its so worth it when you do!

Robert not only read me, he cared about how I received the information and masterfully presented it so that I would be able to get out of my own way. He didn’t waste time on my mental distractions and he steadily built a clear, purposeful overview of my situation so that I could see the obvious. This helped me immensely as well as silenced me with appreciation and respect. I see him every year or so now and I know that he cares and that I can trust him.

Thank you Robert! You are quite amazing! Your reading calmed my anxiety regarding my prosperity as well as my future relationships. I will be in touch. I look forward to the best years of my life. This is my intention…to make the rest of my life, the best of my life. I know it is up to me and I know I can manifest this.

It was not my intention for a journey that began over 25 years ago to last as long as the one I have had with you.  I am forever grateful for you always being there, being supportive and generous of your time.  Your sound advice has gotten me through what I had thought were insurmountable challenges with ease.   With your guidance I have been afforded the time to focus on what matters rather than worry about things that will never become.  You are a man of integrity, high standards and ethics in a profession that can be riddled with otherwise and it is these qualities among others that make you stand head over shoulders compared to your peers.

Meeting Robert, when I was 16 years old, was a life changing moment for me. My parents had heard Robert on a radio program and were impressed with his skill. I was lost, felt dispirited and needed to understand why I was struggling so much. I called the radio station and was directed to where he was staying in Edmonton. When I arrived, he was out, so I waited. I new nothing about Robert, how he did readings, how much he charged for his sessions, but felt he could help me, and I was determined I would find a way to get a meeting. When Robert and his colleague arrived, I soon felt calmer and certain that this man would help me. When I found out the cost of a reading it seemed like a huge obstacle, because for me at the time, it would have been. However, I was at the right place at the right time because the trip was so successful, his colleague could not answer all the calls and do the errands that needed being done. Instead of a reading, I became a paid employee, but more importantly went away from the experience with a renewed sense of self worth, and self-esteem at my new skill set.

Over the next several years when Robert came out to Alberta, I would either work with him or at least meet to catch up. He watched my children grow, taught me how to make fabulous pies and provided readings for various friends and family. I found it fascinating listening to various clients as they shared their experiences with Robert. There were some repeat clients, but also many new ones. A common theme that they shared was how much they appreciated and were amazed with Robert’s insight and help. He always provided a tape, then a CD and now an audio file of their sessions, with a guarantee that if a client were unsatisfied with their reading, he would refund their reading. As the years, experiences and circumstances changed, so did our friendship. Robert became a mentor and coach when that was not yet a popular term. There were times, at various hours of day or night that I had called Robert in great distress, feeling my world had just exploded or I was caught in an emotional earthquake. Sometimes it only took a short time to talk me off my proverbial ledge, others he helped me access additional help to expand my understanding about a topic or sometimes to help me develop or see my support system, to deal with life’s challenges. I believe humans are wired to have connections to help us survive. Robert has been one of my angels that has helped me survive, but also to help support me on my journey towards my purpose. That in mind, we always have free will and can hear something that could be helpful but choose not to do the work to achieve those changes. I am no different, but he has always been willing to listen and share his insight.

I may have more insight than some, because of being Robert’s assistant over the years and listening to people who wanted to share slices of their life and their experiences about Robert, so I wasn’t completely surprised when a client included him in their book about a miraculous experience they shared. The book is called The Perfect Predator, by Steffanie Strathdee & Thomas Patterson. I believe in God, miracles, and Roberts purpose to help others. I am extremely grateful I have him in my life!

Robert is my favourite guest! The audience loves his sensitive abilities and his sense of humour. Robert Lindsy Milne is great radio entertainment….

Robert has turned heads in my audience many times over, private reading or on-the-air Robert will shock you!

Robert was recommended to me by a friend. And what started as curiosity skype call for a reading, ended up in a life-changing experience.

I have had two readings with Robert and both have been very informative and accurate. What changed my life the most, was his support over a span of more than a year. He became a life coach-intuitive councillor for me, during a time when I most needed it.

Robert took great care to listen and support me. He provide me with enough support and study material to help me out of my deep low and gently led me to become a better version of myself.

Robert showed me ways to look at the world with a different mindset and establish a sense of security by teaching me how to be more gentle and accepting of myself. He showed me how to create a more healthy mental stage. Even thou we live on different continents he always took the time to chat with me. He genuinely cared about me and my wellbeing. It wasn’t always easy for both of us. Im sure he had to show a great deal of patience with me and I had to learn to listen to his, sometimes, hard blunt truths. The thing that I appreciate the most about my sessions with him, wasn’t just his help and advice, it was the fact I never felt judged or disregarded.

Robert has an open heart and mind, which is a rare find.

I am glad I found him.

I first met Robert 25 years ago, he was doing psychic readings on the radio. I was so intrigued I called him and booked a reading.

The information I received was very accurate. Since thenI have sent friends and family members to Robert for readings and I also have been back many times for readings.

Four years ago Robert called me and asked if I would be interested in life coaching. I thought why not and gave it a try. Little did I know the impact it would have on my life. Without going in to too many details of my upbringing , it was definitly on the “dysfunctional” side. It was very emotional and uncomfortable but Robert walked me through and I observed my past.

I recognized at a early age that I had skills of how to survive as I had no emotional support so my life could thrive. My childhood survival skills served me well, in my adult life not so well.

My survival skills left me with “just enough”. “just enough”to pay the bills, “just enough”to put a roof over my head” just enough”to feed my family.
Relationships was another story. A failed marriage, many failed short term relationships. Yes I was the common denominator.

Robert pointed out to me , I treated woman the way I wanted to be treated (good) and that woman treated me the way I treated myself (not good) one of the many ah ha moments I experienced over the past for years.

We began to set up my foundation. I had been living by myself in a dingy basement apartment, with Roberts encouragement I got a house with my separated daughter and 3 grandchildren. Surrounded by family I did not have a house I had a home. From this spot it so much easier to deal with all life ups and downs.

We then worked on my image . We changed how I dressed , the car I drive. I own my own business. Robert helped me transition from one of the workers to successful business owner.

Ten years previous I had gone bankrupt due to some real estate investments that had gone bad.

Robert helped me re-establish my credit.This took some doing. With a lot of coaxing and encouragement from Robert I was able to turn my credit around.
I now have visa cards and a line of credit for my business. This makes me feel normal and at par with everyone else.

Through these changes I have under gone, I feel more confident than I have ever felt in my life. I also sense others treat me with more respect as I now respect myself.

At this time I am still not in the healthy relationship I so desire, however I know it is not a matter of how ,its a matter of when. At age 62 my mindset is no longer” this is as good as it gets” its now” I have unlimited potential and can be the best version of myself.

This is just a thumbnail version my experience with Robert. It has been 4 years I have spent with him. If you are willing and yes it does take work, this investment in yourself is so much worth it !!

I can not thank you enough Robert. I can honestly say I am a different person than I was 4 years ago.

I am forever changed.

Robert Lindsy Milne’s psychic abilities are remarkable. His psychic understanding make his readings an in-depth view into an individual’s development, potential and future. He described for me some of his early days in the psychic world of Toronto and Robert was and is a star. He is both kind and unique. On another note, his loving rapport with his dogs is wonderful to see. Wishing you much success, Robert, with your new website.

Robert is an extraordinary psychic and compassionate life coach. I have such deep appreciation for Robert and his amazing gifts. His psychic reading and life coaching sessions were exactly what I needed to begin seeing myself in the future living my life with contentment and ease. I will be forever grateful to him for seeing in me what I could not yet see, for his insight, support and vision over the many years I have worked with him. He is truly an amazing healer!

Over the past 30 years I have had several readings with Robert. That is enough time to find out if even the most long-term prediction has come true, and they have!  I have always found Robert to be an accurate and gifted professional.
In addition, when I was making life-altering decisions around my divorce, I turned to him for guidance and he provided wise counsel when I needed it.

I will never be able to fully express or put into words, the incredible feeling and experience I had, having a reading with Robert Lindsy Milne. Connecting at just the perfect timing in my life, it was a reading I will never forget. He is the Guru and Master, yet so kind, caring and open. It can be nerve-racking to have a reading, but Robert Lindsy Milne cares so much that you are comfortable, and that he can channel energy and deliver his best reading. He is so very special, and I remember being happy and emotional during my reading. I love that his session has direction, as it can be overwhelming to process all he is saying. He makes sure he speaks to you in a way you are able to understand. He is open at any point of the session, for you to ask further questions and clarifications, which I think was a wonderful part of the process. This will allow you to fully embrace what he is delivering. I love that there was a question period at the end too, however, because of his great gift, all my questions I wrote down had been answered or touched upon in the reading. I have recommended him to many close friends and family, and they have all had a very eye opening and memorable experience. Robert Lindsy Milne has an extraordinary gift, that he uses in such a positive and loving way. He has changed lives, helped lives and he does this because of the empath that he is. I wish for everyone to have a chance to experience his gift, love, and an exclusive reading. Thank you Robert Lindsy Milne, forever grateful for our sessions!

Back in 1981, I attended a reading with Robert Lindsay Milne. A very nervous 21 year old that was very curious. I had no idea what to expect but Robert made me feel very comfortable. His approach was fun, professional as well as intriguing.
Later on in life, Robert gave me another reading. He was bang on about my divorce and my future. I trust Robert and his gift. I very highly recommend him and his services. Looking forward to another reading again very soon.

For the past 10 years plus, I have had many readings and conversations with Robert Lindsy Milne where he has become a friend providing great insight and personal readings with accuracy. Whether it is an in person meeting, or a video conference, the experience is engaging and the readings have always amazed me. Robert is very talented at what he does, while his readings are concise with a good flow. As I have had numerous readings over 10 plus years, I can say the insight Robert has given me over time has come to fruition and helped in many ways. Through countless interactions with Robert Lindsay, I recommend his services to anyone who is looking to connect with an intelligent and accurate psychic who offers a great experience.

I have been a client of Robert Lyndsay Milne for over 20 years now.  He is incredibly gifted and accurate in his readings.  I have always appreciated how he has been able guide me calmly & with assurance thru important decisions in my life.  Over the years he has provided tremendous council to me, including during periods of difficulty.   As my job has involved living overseas & traveling extensively,  Robert has continued to be an important coach.  His readings and ability to answer very specific questions has been so helpful in making larger decisions thru my career and personal life.  I have also always appreciated how he has made himself available and with urgency in times where I have needed it. I highly recommend Robert and value his services and personal relationship with me.

I have met with Robert a number of times over the past 20+ years and have always gone into each session curious, anxious and excited.  I always listen intently to what he says because I truly believe in his gift.  He has told me things about my past, that he would have no way of previously knowing.  He has shared visions of my future, which, at times I questioned but after having met with him a few times, I have seen his visions come true.   I don’t know how he does it but without a word from me, he quickly tunes into my most anxious feelings.  He doesn’t sugar coat what he has to share, it’s more like he gently guides me through the things I’m most anxious and curious about.   I always leave a session with Robert feeling calm, confident and excited for the next time we meet.  Thank you Robert.

Robert’s life coaching has been transformational for me. He helped me to make decisions based on where I wanted to be rather than where I was in the moment which allowed me to make the changes I wanted. He introduced me to effective tools to help me put challenges I encountered into context and quickly move through them towards my goals. By working with Robert I feel I achieved my goals faster.

I have been going to Robert for readings periodically over the past 15 years. I haven’t seen him very often, usually once every year or two when Robert pops into my head & I realize it’s been ages since I’ve seen him. However, on several occasions, I have reached out to Robert because of extenuating circumstances in my life that were causing me tremendous anxiety and stress. It was during these uncertain times that Robert was the most helpful. His readings would always ease my deepest fears and calm my distress about the future. Ultimately, I would leave his home with a renewed sense of hope and comfort that everything would fall into place as it should. Thank you, Robert, for your continued wisdom and guidance!

In my 30 year association with Robert, I have come to greatly value not only his visionary insights, but also his practical and intuitive advice. His wealth of experience allows him to give relevant examples of how best to approach many of life’s overwhelming situations. From identifying my soul mate to business guidance, I have found his advice and opinions to be invaluable. I frequently refer back to our recorded conversations as a way of staying focused and on track. Thank you my friend.

I first encountered Robert about 30 years ago while listening to a local Vancouver radio show, where here was talking to people who called in. His responses to people were so remarkable I decided to contact him. Since then Robert has helped guide me through many personal and business issues. When I have my heart attack he was a calming much needed influence. We have become good friends. There are many benefits for anyone to correspond with Robert. I fully recommend his services.

I have been seeing Robert for over 20 years now. Within those years, he predicted I would have twins. Travel the world. Lose 100+ lbs and become successful and earn a comfortable living and marry my soul mate and many, many, many more predictions that happened. To date, there hasn’t been a single major moment that hasn’t come to fruition that Robert touched on. Not generalized, not vaguely described but directly said. Every time I see him, I hang on every word he speaks. He is just that good!

Robert Lindsy Milne has been such a gift to me. Many years ago, I contacted Robert for a psychic reading, I was blatantly skeptical, and my request for a reading was promptly refused. A year later, after many apologies, I had my first reading. Impressed, I requested a second reading a year later. Mysteriously, many months later, at a pivotal point in my life, I received an e- mail from Robert asking if I would be willing to begin life coaching work with him.

At the beginning of my journey, I was like a rootbound houseplant in a too small pot of nutrient depleted soil. Through the years, Robert proved himself to be master gardener of the soul. With his amazing intuition, direct style, and commitment to embracing truth, he slowly pruned away many of the limiting beliefs that were impeding my growth. The pruning was often painful, but with the help of Robert’s loving-kindness, unfailing faithfulness and loyalty, extraordinary patience, compassion, empathy, and humour I began to heal and to grow. My paradigms shifted. I took up new pursuits, forged new friendships, improved my finances, and moved to my dream home. I continue to experience ever increasing joy and happiness. I have also learned to live with the inevitable difficulties and sorrows which life brings in a more accepting and peaceful way. I am forever grateful to Robert for reaching out to me and investing so much time and energy into helping me grow.

Every now and then, a person with no agenda, no ulterior motive, and no self-interest will take pleasure in helping you succeed, grow ,and live your purpose. This person will operate in love, will seek no praise, and will want nothing in return. This person is a gift.

I first heard Robert on a radio show in 1992 and he has been doing readings for me since then!  He has incredible insight and wisdom, a special gift that he shares.  He is genuine and true.

Sophisticated, intelligent, dedicated, real, genuine, authentic, reliable, generous, respectful, trustworthy, great sense of humor, caring – this is Robert Lindsy Milne. I have had the privilege of receiving readings from him for over 25 years. There is no doubt there is so much more to this gifted man that only the closest people to him would know of.

I first heard Robert on the radio in Calgary. He was giving readings to people calling in. Robert made a definite, lasting impression on me and I took down his contact information. I made my first appointment to see him in person the next time he came West. I was feeling somewhat skeptical as I had been to quite a few psychics and card readers that were disappointing but I was also excitedly nervous. My first thoughts when I met Robert besides his obvious good looks was his calming presence and I remember feeling secure and safe. He didn’t read cards, he didn’t have a crystal ball, he simply held a pretty plastic/glass wand that sparkled from within. Robert offered me a bottle of water and he sat across from me. I listened intently as he talked about aspects of myself and my life that very few people if any would know about. He blew me away. Amongst other things, Robert advised me not to marry as it would not last. I married that year though and 8 years later I experienced divorce.

What I didn’t realize on that first meeting with Robert was that he would profoundly impact my life in countless ways. Robert helped me to understand and crawl through some very dark years during and after my marriage. He provided knowledge, wisdom and hope for better days that I so desperately needed. With Robert’s awareness, I was able to spend quality time with my Aunt on an Alaska cruise before she passed later that same year. My Aunt was sick and sadly misdiagnosed. I was a student at the time and low on funds but I went on the trip anyway. I am eternally grateful for that precious time spent and my memories.

Robert has had answers to most of my questions and if he doesn’t know the answer he will always say so. Through him, his guidance and his suggested books to read, I have come to learn more about about myself and why I have struggled so much. Robert has been and is a true blessing in my life. I have tried to convince him to move to Calgary and live next door to me with the promise that I wouldn’t disturb him too much but…well I am still trying.

Thank you Robert for all that you have done for me for all these years. They are simple words but they are heavy with emotion and gratefulness.

Robert Gave me a couple of readings that were right on the money and different from other readings I’d had around the same time. I was surprised with a lot he said, as unexpected changes were to come but he was right. Right about money, health issues, love, housing and he relayed what he saw in a very professional and kind way. I would recommend him for sure.

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