How to Develop and Maintain Trust

How to Develop and Maintain Trust

One of the most important element in healthy relationships is the developing and maintaining trust with our loved ones, friends and colleagues.

But when asked what is trust and how do you get it; many people with have difficulty explaining it.

Trust is the hardest thing to build in any relationship and the easiest to break down, yet it is a key element of a good and healthy relationship. Regardless of the connection, Without Trust we cannot have a healthy relationship.

The Four Factors of Trust

Openness: No secrets, having a free exchange of ideas without a hidden agenda

Reliability: Being responsible of ourselves and to others;

Acceptance: Being supportive of each other. Who you are is OK with me.

Congruence: Being straight forward; Saying what you mean and meaning what you say.

When these four elements are present in a relationship, trust is being built.

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The Four Factors of Trust model was developed by Dr Ralph Colby in 1973