Tuning into your Environment with Geoff Oelsner| Episode 032

Apr 23 | 56 min 49 sec

Geoffrey Oelsner’s love and concern for the earth, coupled with a rich mix of experiences of communion with nature, have led him to an awareness of our infinite potential, including our largely unexplored capacity to attune to and directly benefit our natural environment. Join Geoff and Robert on this inspiring episode of My Side of the Crystal Ball!

Fascinating Predictions for 2023 with Robin Armstrong| Episode 031

Feb 23 | 1 hr 21 min

Reoccurring guest on My Side of the Crystal Ball, Robin Armstrong, is back with new predictions for 2023! Robin brings his expertise in astrological science and intuition, along with his passion, to share his predictions for this upcoming year. Robin does an impromptu review of the predictions according to the corresponding astrological sign, and it is interesting to hear.

Living Your Awesome with Meredith| Episode 030

Jan 23 | 1 hr 14 min

Transformational NLP life coach, writer, speaker and author of Becoming Ridiculously Awesome, Who Doesn’t Want That? Meredith Herrenbruck is an experienced NLP coach helps you get to the root cause of what stops you from experiencing the life you want through her multi-faceted experience and training. She has a master practitioner certification from NLP Marin, a Family Soul Constellations facilitator certification and was initiated into Huna by Kahuna Mark Saito in Hawaii. She studied Huna with him over the span of 3 years.

Slaying Demons with June Lundgren| Episode 029

Dec 2022 | 56 min 48 sec

WWRS: (3:30) The Light Exercise

The Expert’s Chair: (10:56) June Lundgren

ETs and Inner-Dimensional Beings with Debra Jacobson| Episode 028

Nov 2022 | 1 hr 19 min

Debra Jacobson grew up in Toronto Canada and from a young age she was in contact with light beings. She saw fairies, spirits and orbs. It all felt very normal until she realized others were not seeing the same things as she was experiencing. However, later on in life Debra did have share experiences which did confirm some of her perceptions. She has always questioned reality or rather the unreality of the space we live in.

Universal Healing with Adam Gell| Episode 027

Oct 2022 | 1 hr 21 min

Adam Gell is a researcher of the Akashic Records, he works as a Shamanic Healing and Life Mastery Guide. Through experiencing trauma from his childhood, Adam has found strength and willpower to healing others and the world. He has found a passion. Speaking the truth when other people are not.

Where Does art Come From? With Pat Benincasa| Episode 026

Oct 2022 | 1 hr 7 min

Pat Benincasa is a visual artist, art educator and podcaster. Pat has received national and international recognition for her work and been awarded National Percent for Art, and General Services Administration (GSA) Art In Architecture commissions. Her selected work is archived in the Minnesota Historical Society. Pat and Robert blend together the creation of art with tapping into an external source and trusting your intuition in a psychic context.

Enjoy this creative and artful conversation!

Haunting History Rebecca Pittman| Episode 025

Aug 2022 | 58 min 11 sec

Rebecca Pittman is the author of over 15 books in the Haunting of History series. In addition to her extensive bibliography, Rebecca has also made a living as a professional muralist, motivational speaker, and TV Talk Show Host. Some of the topics Rebecca is passionate about writing about include the Salem witch trials, the case of Lizzie Borden, and other mysterious trials and murder cases. Historical places and paranormal activity merge together in Rebecca’s fantastic literature lineup.

Wisdom from The White Witch, Maja D’Aoust| Episode 024

Aug 2022 | 1 hr 2 min

On this week’s episode, Robert is joined with Maja D’Aoust, the white witch who is a published Scholar of Alchemy and Occult lore. Maja’s interest in Alchemy and the Esoteric Occult sciences spans her entire lifetime. Maja brings many fascinating stories about how she discovered she was a witch and how she became involved in this eccentric work. Maja is very connect to spirit and does work with divination, tort cards, astrology, energy clearing, and even exorcisms.

Revealing the Hidden with Michael Feeley| Episode 023

Jul 2022 | 59 min 57 sec

Crop circles, knights of templar, and the Davinchi code. These are just some of the intriguing topics that strike up controversy between believers of conspiracy and those who might even call it blasphemy. Michael Feeley delves into these esoteric mysteries of the world in hopes to shed more light on what is going on beneath the surface. Michael seeks out the sacred knowledge with the intention of extracting the truth from the lie. Along with being an ancient code breaker with 17 years of investigative training, Michael is also a spiritual life coach.

Revisiting Alien Experiences with Lesley Mitchell-Clarke| Episode 022

Jun 2022 | 1 hr 10 min

On this week’s episode, Robert is joined with Lesley Mitchell-Clarke, certified Hypnotherapist who specializes in helping alien abductees. Lesley’s expertise are focused on regressing people back to their experiences being abducted by other world beings and helps them cope, heal, and explore their experiences. Lesley gives us insight on the wide range of alien experiences that people can have, and how you might have had a similar experience as well.

Alien Skeptic to Believer with Preston Dennett| Episode 021

Jun 2022 | 1 hr 18 min

On this week’s episode, Robert is joined with Preston Dennett to share his extra terrestrial encounters which lead to his interest and fascination with UFO investigation. Preston began as a paranormal skeptic until he realized how many people close to him have had their own paranormal experiences. Since then, Preston has set out to help heal, teach, and guide people through their other worthy experiences.

The Power of Podcasting with Kevin Moore| Episode 020

May 2022 | 1 hr

On this week’s episode, Robert is joined with fellow podcast host Kevin Moore. Kevin has created a platform that welcomes the world’s greatest philosophers, paranormal researchers, life coaches, and spiritual teachers. Kevin shares some insight on how he used his skills in broadcasting and content creation to kickstart his successful show. Kevin speaks to the importance of having that fire, passion, and drive to keep up with the fast growing world of podcasting.

Manifesting Spirituality and Synchronicity with Stephanie Forlini| Episode 019

May 2022 | 1 hr 24 min

On this week’s episode, Stephanie joins Robert to delve into her journey transitioning from an academic, left brain lifestyle into embracing her spiritual and intuitive nature and the synchronicities that she has experienced her whole life. She has since transformed her world view and shifted into a mode of trying to explain the unexplained through exploring and writing theories in new reality, quantum physics, reality shifting, and above all else looking for answers!

Special Episode about Tilley| Episode 018

Apr 2022 | 39 min 1 sec

This week’s episode is a special and extended edition of WWRS. Robert shares an intimate and personal story about his beloved dogs and how they completely changed his life. Robert goes through a journey with each of his dogs that in turn has lead to a lot of pain but also a lot of joy as well.

Fairies, Folklore, and Musical Creatures with Morgan Daimler| Episode 017

Apr 2022 | 1 hr 4 min

Morgan joins Robert to talk all things fairies, folklore, and Irish mythology. She is well versed on the topic of Irish Fairy Faith and gives an inside into this magical world. Morgan has written dozens of books on these topics, both fiction and non-fiction. Through her personal experiences, she offers a portal to a world that typically has a stigma surrounded it. Enjoy this mystical and fascinating episode!

Paranormal Podcastings with Jim Harold| Episode 016

Mar 2022 | 55 min 58 sec

On this week’s episode, Jim Harold joins Robert to talk about what it’s like podcasting in the paranormal world, while not necessarily being in the paranormal world. Jim shares his story of how he started started his career and became the most popular podcast in the genre. Jim has a total of five books that have been called #1 Supernatural Best Sellers on Amazon multiple times.

Paranormal Activity and Spirit Box Recordings| Episode 015

Mar 2022 | 1 hr 11 min

On this week’s episode, Chris and Kristen joins Robert to shed light on the less haunting side of the paranormal world. They use different modes of communication with spirits and entities through recorders and spirit boxes. Chris and Kristen were inspired to go down this rabbit hole by their own paranormal events that they have experienced in their lives. This fascination of the mysterious and the unknown turned into paranormal research and the starting of their two podcasts, Bigfoot and the Bunny and Dark Horse Paranormal Podcast.

Finding Your Spiritual Guide| Episode 014

Feb 2022 | 1 hr 8 min

On this week’s episode, fellow psychic Nicole Antoinette delves into how she came into her psychic and intuitive skills that quickly turned her passion and career. Upon her success, she now has a platform to share her message of embracing the spiritual nature and gifts. She hopes to inspire people to come into their own psychic abilities and intuition to combat the the feeling of doubt.

She discusses the strong feeling of self doubt within this world and how to combat and control those feelings by channeling them into psychic abilities.

Erasing the Stigma of Being Psychic| Episode 013

Dec 2021 | 57 min 17 sec

On this week’s episode, Robert has an insightful conversation with Ph.D Psychic, Debra Lynne Katz, about the stigma surrounding being in this line of work. Debra talks about discovering her psychic abilities growing up and how she harnessed those skills throughout her life and career. Among many of Debra’s accomplishment, she recently became a Ph.D establishing the legitimacy of clairvoyant and psychic work. You won’t want to miss this amazing show! Enjoy!

The Secret Behind Spirit Guide Communication| Episode 012

Jan 2022 | 1 hr 15 min

On this episode, Robert speaks with Jill Cole coming all the way from New Zealand with some incredible stories! Jill is an International hypnotherapist, author, medium, public speaker and energy healer. She uses the culmination of skills to help people in ways like connecting with their guides to be able communicate with spirits and other creatures. Jill revolutionizes a new level of spiritual communication.

How to Communicate with Angels| Episode 011

Jan 2022 | 1 hr 24 min

This week on The Expert’s Chair is Susan Walter who is an Intuitive Visionary Artist. After having a near death experience as a child, Susan was given the ability to see into the Angelic Realms allowing her to see the angles in their pure light form. Susan shares how communication with angels manifests in symbols and even different languages. Susan continues to embrace her angels that guide her despite the disbelief of her family and community.

Robert Meets His Mentor From 40 Years Ago| Episode 010

Dec 2021 | 57 min 17 sec

In this week’s special episode, Robert reconnects with his mentor from over 40 years ago, George Raynault. George was a teacher in the early days of new age topics, with an open and curious mind. He taught people the world of exercising psychic abilities and channeling intuition. George explains the ideas behind Mind Dynamics and how you can apply it to your daily life, by utilizing different levels of meditation.

Psychic Predictions of 2022| Episode 009

Dec 2021 | 54 min 32 sec

In this week’s episode, Robert and Robin Armstrong delve into the world of the future by making predictions for 2022, some of which will surprise you. Robin continues on to talks about possible events that will happen in the new year including fascinating theories on government conflicts and more.

In the Main Event, Gary Cocciolillo shares some interesting stories about what it’s like being a podcast host of his show Everything Imaginable. As the name of his show speaks for itself due to the many different people with many different backgrounds that he interviews. He has interview very eccentric personalities who discuss near death experiences, alternative healing, and even urine therapy.

Turning Heartbreak into Happiness| Episode 008

Dec 2021 | 56 min 25 sec

This week’s Expert’s Chair is Tinka Bel Boczek, Psychic Medium, Intuitive Empath and Witch, explains how there is difference between being intuitive and being an empath when doing psychic work with people. She opens up about your life story and how she found happiness within herself and shows us how you can turn heartbreak into happiness.

Meanwhile on The Main Event, Registered Nurse and specialist in palliative care Sharmini Varunan shares her emotional story on what it was like helping people transition to the next life throughout the pandemic. Sharmini explains how the emotional side of passing on is just as important as the physical elements of her job.

Mystic Healing and Animal Communication| Episode 007

Nov 2021 | 1 hr 6 min

In this week’s episode, Lindsey and Robert share an uplifting and compelling conversation about how to truly put out love energy into the world. With Lindsey’s many years of mystic healing and experience teaching all types of demographics, she has become equipped to provide a space for people to share their lives experience and move forward in their lives.

The Art of Being Claircognisent| Episode 006

Nov 2021 | 1 hr 3 min

Aside from training people on how to write their books and hosting her own podcast, Debbi is a spiritual entrepreneur and has a lot to say about bringing good energy and manifestations into daily life. Robert and Debbi have a fascinating conversation on being present, aware and claircognisent. They discuss what a unified field of connection is and how to relate to someone else’s energetic field. Debbi brings in the scientific elements to energy and being claircognisent and shows how matching someone’s energetic wavelength can be a life changing experience.

The Twin Flames Journey| Episode 005

Oct 2021 | 1 hr 25 min

On this exciting episode, Elle Hari, the twin flame and life coach, shares what exactly a twin flame is and what a twin flame journey is like. Elle explains how this type of inter dimensional journey is not what always what you expect it to be. Elle guides people and their twin flame through the lens of self love, balance, and healing.

Frequency Healing and Cloning| Episode 004

Oct 21 | 1 hr 5 min

On this week’s Main Event, Robert and Dr. Kimberly McGeorge discuss how frequencies and consciousness can be a guiding source of healing as a form of alternative healthcare. Dr. McGeorge gives us an inside look at the technological side of frequencies, vibrations, spirituality, and even human cloning!

Spellbound: Magic Rituals and Witchcraft| Episode 003

Sep 21 | 1 hr 8 min

Do you believe in magic? On this week’s episode, Robert will be speaking with the Australian Spellbox Witch herself, Danae Moon Thorp. Along with being a witch, Danea is psychic reader and has founded her own institution where she teaches earth magic spells with information on mythology, folklore and symbolism. Danae enchants us all with her stories of what it is like being a witch and how she impacts people’s lives on the daily.

Reaching High Vibes| Episode 002

Sep 8 | 72 min

On this episode of My Side of the Crystal Ball, Robert speaks with The Heartshift Coach, Marcy Neumann. Marcy shares her stories and experiences about how she guides people to lead their lives with love an acceptance. Marcy teaches people how to align themselves with self love and spiritiality through energy healing. As a life coach, Marcy has been able to change people’s lives by leading them to achieve peace and freedom through consciousness and frequencies.

Can Anyone Be Psychic?| Episode 001

Aug 25 | 105 min

On the premiering episode of My Side of the Crystal Ball, Robert will be talking with behavioralists, Dr. Myke Merrill and Mike Wilson who will be discussing their book, “Why Do People Act That Way?: And What Can I Do About It?”. They delve into why it is so important to choose your words wisely and how you can get a grip on reality by being responsible for your emotions.