Reaching High Vibes| Episode 002

Sep 8 | 72 min

On this episode of My Side of the Crystal Ball, Robert speaks with The Heartshift Coach, Marcy Neumann. Marcy shares her stories and experiences about how she guides people to lead their lives with love an acceptance. Marcy teaches people how to align themselves with self love and spiritiality through energy healing. As a life coach, Marcy has been able to change people’s lives by leading them to achieve peace and freedom through consciousness and frequencies.

Can Anyone Be Psychic?| Episode 001

Aug 25 | 105 min

On the premiering episode of My Side of the Crystal Ball, Robert will be talking with behavioralists, Dr. Myke Merrill and Mike Wilson who will be discussing their book, “Why Do People Act That Way?: And What Can I Do About It?”. They delve into why it is so important to choose your words wisely and how you can get a grip on reality by being responsible for your emotions.